Full-service agency: Rocket is your one-stop shop

The Rocket crew brings together experts with strong characters from very different fields. Together we cover the entire range of modern communication and thus offer you a one-stop shop in the field of communication, creation and development. We are happy to share our wealth of experience and skills with you.

Get to know us and gain completely new perspectives.

You can reach us at +41 41 500 10 10.

Mathias Schürmann
Account Director / Managing Partner

Studied Business Administration (MSc BA) with a focus on marketing and communication in Lucerne, Rotterdam, and Helsinki. Longstanding experience as marketing director, account director, lecturer, and author.

Beat Niggli
Creative Director / Managing Partner

Graduated in Graphic Design at the Design School Basel. Longstanding experience as art director, creative director, and illustrator in different agencies, as well as autonomous entrepreneur.

Marisa Kreienbühl
Art Director

Graphic designer and consultant with an international background. Jewellery, watches and fashion are her passion.

Désirée Luginbühl
Graphic Designer

Apprenticeship in photolithography, valuable experience in the field of polygraphy, experience as project manager within the agency. Additional education as an online designer.

Léa Foucras
Interactive Media Designer

Interactive Media Designer with professional experience as motion designer and animator in different agencies in Switzerland and Ireland.

Jyl Schellenbaum
Graphic Designer

Great national certificate with award as a Sign Maker. Exciting professional experience for aircraft exterior-design and lettering. Subsequently, started a new challenge as a Graphic Designer with Rocket.

Tamino Schnedl
Interactive Media Designer Apprentice

Since August 2018 in apprenticeship as an Interactive Media Designer. Passionate filmmaker and drone pilot.

Jan Brügger
Graphic Designer Apprentice

Since August 2018 in apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer. Preparation course at the Design School in Olten.

Rayan Leuenberger
Interactive Media Designer Apprentice

Since August 2021 in apprenticeship as an Interactive Media Designer. Enthusiastic editor, filmer and drone pilot.

Tim Kägi
Web Developer

Successfully completed apprenticeship as Mediamatiker and extensive experience in the web field. Digital Native with enthusiasm for everything around the web and new technologies.

Sandra Stirnimann
Digital Marketer / Photographer

Apprenticeship as photographer with special qualifications in finishing. Knows everything about issues concerning the world-wide web and social media.

Patrick Siegfried
Software Engineer

Likes challenges and solves complex tasks in web and software engineering. In 2021 he completes his Master of Science in Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies.

Nadiia Zwyssig
Web Developer

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Web Development with the following international work experience in the UAE and Switzerland.

Luca Rava
Web Developer

Newly graduated software engineer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and experience as an electronics technician. He is passionate about new technologies in computer graphics, the game industry and web development.

Christoph Schäfer
Concept / Text / Content

Texts his fingers bloody for the most convincing newsletter as well as for the really big advertising campaign and gladly takes the way from the Limmat to the Reuss for it.

Joelle Greber
Account Director

Completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sports at the University of Berne. Experience in B2B and consumer goods marketing.

Nadja Riva
Account Planning

After studying psychology at the UZH, she knows the basic mechanisms and thought patterns that play a central role in marketing.

Livio Arfini
Senior Creative Consultant

Former longstanding CLO at Manor AG. His motto: The solution doesn’t care where the problem comes from! He was probably the oldest intern in Switzerland #TooYoungToFeedTheBirds.

Jeannine Niggli
Account Coordinator

Vast experience as commercial employee and management assistant for big corporations and hotels. Additional experience in supporting international artists at pop-art events.

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Corporate Culture – This is how we do

Vision: We are proactive and creative. We lead our customers to the designated target. Your success is our success.

Performances: We make sure to pick the right employees for every project. This guarantees for comprehensive, targeted, witty, and independent solutions.

Employees: Professional, competent, and motivated people work for Rocket. They are being promoted and challenged. The collaboration is direct, cooperative, and inspiring.

Customers: We are eye to eye with our customers, we aim for fair work. Long-lasting customer relationships are what we are aiming for; mutual appreciation is a requirement.

Network: Our external partners meet our demands for quality. Our exchange is characterized by fairness and mutual respect.

Environment: The environment is close to our hearts: We conserve resources and act sustainably.