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Explainer Video and Whiteboard Animations

What an Explainer Video achieves, you can hardly achieve with any other medium: it makes complex issues understandable. It anchors content in people’s minds for the long term. And it conveys images that stick.

Corporate videos, explainer videos and animations can be easily distributed and used everywhere: They enhance websites, have an impact on the intranet, attract attention in social media and liven up newsletters. At the same time, they increase the attractiveness of these channels, the length of time viewers stay and the desire for more.

Explainer videos are suitable for illustrating in-depth information about products and services or as a supporting tool for competent advice. But they are also convincing as a tangible means of transport for explaining work steps or clarifying abstract matters.

Explain to us what you want to convey in a catchy way. Our concept designers and our own graphics department will bring your explanations to life. Contact us to find out more.

Our offers in the Explainer Video section:

  • Idea and concept
  • Script and storyboard
  • Illustration and animation
  • Postproduction

Your contact person for Explainer Video:
+41 41 500 10 11

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