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Rocket projects: Advertising is fun and effective

Time and again we start the idea machine on our own behalf. On the one hand, this is simply fun for us, on the other hand, of course, we also use Powerful Advertising. Of course, we also like to break new ground.

#RocketPitch Advertising agency lets you pitch

Many thanks to all applicants. We were looking for special stories, an innovative product, a unique service or an extraordinary corporate culture — with success.

Explainer Video «What does an ad agency do?»

We asked ourselves what exactly an ad agency does – and how we can create a successful campaign out of this vague question.

For that reason, we consciously looked at our jobs, our processes, and our conversations with customers and partners. Thus, we came up with a script and a video, which aim to answer the initial question in a simple yet effective way. By now, the video is available in German, English, and Japanese.

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Senior Internship #TooYoungToFeedTheBirds

In January 2017, we created a national stir with our public notice for people aged 65 years or older to apply for an internship at Rocket. Our thoughts: Diversity is of utmost importance for a creative team. Why should an agency hire digital natives only? The media response was huge, but, more importantly, we received an overwhelming number of interesting, creative, and superior applications.

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Astronaut ice-cream for earthlings

Either through classic or digital means, advertising is a big challenge. Customers expect uniquely creative, surprising and appealing advertising. A conventional promotional gift is out of question for us.

With the Astronaut ice-cream, we surprise our partners and our current or future customers. Are you interested? Then contact us and we’ll serve you ice-cream!

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Rocket Boat — the Ad Agency sets sail at Lake Lucerne

In summer 2016, we got inspired by summer, sun, and waves — so we set the sails. For two weeks, our Rocket boat was cruising between Flüelen and Lucerne on the Lake Lucerne.

Customers, guests, and, of course, all our employees were on board and highly motivated by this change of office. Some media representatives came on board, too. Both Tele1 and radio SRF3 reported live from our Rocket Boat.

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Frequently and hardly
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Have you ever wondered how an Ad Agency works? Or do you want to be part of the Rocket Crew? Find out how here.

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