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Explainer Video – simple and ingenious means of communication

Explainer videos are in vogue – not only according to Google. The new communication tool is rightly very popular with our clients. The big advantage? It presents complex issues or products in need of explanation in a simple and entertaining way.

Explainer videos are also called whiteboard animation, VideoScribe, Video Scribbling or Animated Doodling. The animated hand builds up the scenes step by step. The viewer registers the information particularly quickly thanks to the sketchy drawing style and the perspective.

An example:

More examples on our reference page for explanatory videos.

Why an Explainer Video?

The example video from Gebäudeversicherung Bern presents the special feature of explainer videos: They communicate the company’s message in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. Our experience as well as studies confirm that audio-visual messages stick better than content in pure text format.

There are countless possible applications. Besides complex topics, chemical or physical processes can also be explained. Even a company presentation or the presentation of a new product is suitable as an explanatory video. Or do you want to improve your image? Tell your company history? A vision of the future?

The animated films can be found not only on the World Wide Web, but also on television, in cinemas and on buses. Even in the waiting room of a practice or as a company-internal learning film, an explanatory video is a proven means of communication.

There are no limits to creativity. Whether in the classic style of blackboard and chalkboard or with an impressive motion design.

State of the Art

Like any communication channel, explainer videos continue to evolve. We stay up to date for you and show you which forms and possibilities come into question for you. And of course we also make sure that your video is seen and shared.

7 reasons for an Explainer Video

  1. Complex contents are understood
  2. High learning effect for the viewer
  3. Inexpensive to produce
  4. Everything is brought to the point in 2 minutes
  5. Convinces potential customers
  6. Unique selling point of the company
  7. Implementation in corporate design

You want your own explainer video?

Write to Mathis Schürmann at mschuermann@rocket.ch, or even better call us at +41 41 500 10 11 . Then we’ll discuss your idea together and we’ll do the rest. Look forward to your own explainer video and surprise your customers with it.